Monday, March 27, 2006

Mixed Feelings

Finally I collect my thoughts and decide to write about Life of Pi. I have been thinking about the book for as long as I took to read it.

The book really has three parts, all three can be read seperately perhaps. The begining is interesting in itself. The concept of child's facination with religions is new (and maybe unique). I loved that bit.

The second part is his journey across the Atlantic in the boat with animals. Engaging, but I got grossed out several times. That I kept coming back to the book all the same bodes well. Yann Martel takes great care in describing his characters, and everything that happens in the book.

The last part is what has made me dread writing this :( The book needed an explaination, and the end provides you with the same. But I didn't think what it might be, and I was to say shocked.
Shocked, for the book is too real and scary when one looks back at it.

Its a tale of a man's persevarance, and a tale of survival. How a man can go to extremes in order to stay alive.

In all, I think the book was enticing and disgusting at the same time. If you ask me, I will tell you to read it but with caution. Perhaps I am reading too much into it..
and yet its so well written that its hard to ignore the mute points.