Saturday, July 23, 2005


I wanted to start off writing about the book I read most recently (about six months ago !) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is a (red) book (with the picture of a inverted dog on the cover) by Mark Haddon. I came across it about a year ago when I was browsing through New-York Times Bestseller lists for fiction. It had good reviews and one day (and you know when that was ) I bought it as my travel companion.

Have to tell you that one has to get across the first chapter to cross the realm of a juvenile (probably too gory for that actually) fiction. The rest of the book had me engaged all the way.
Its written in first person. You have to understand how difficult it is to write a story in first person, without reverting to incidents where the person in context is not present. The beautiful thing about the book ( and I am not exaggerating here) is that the story unfolds the way it would if you had been the character in question. In particular, if you had been a 15 year old autistic boy living with his father. And yet does a sufficient sketch of all of the characters mentioned.

The book in the end left me a with a feeling of having peeked into somebody's life. It told me that sometimes right and wrong are relative.
Its all about the context!

A book when you enjoy it, is like a work of art and you see new angles to it everytime you read it. This blog will probably induce me to read it again. I did buy the book you know!

Perhaps I might come back and add more lines here then.