Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Life as and when it happens

Both White Banners and Green Light  by Lloyd  Douglas give a you a take on life and dealing with the challenges it throws on you.

I read White Banners first and perhaps that's why I liked it much better. The bottom line or the thread that strings the stories together is similar.

White Banners is the story of Hannah who in a chance encounter adapts a family aka ends up as their housekeeper and helps them stay bound together as a family. There is of course the story of why or how Hannah ends up where she did, how she connects with each member of the family, their successes their failure. More importantly there is Hannah's take on how to live ones life which explains all her actions.

Not saying that one needs to necessarily buy into her philosophy but every point of view is interesting.  Sometimes the outlook sounds altruistic, naive even but it gives the Hannah the strength to get through life and is a must read. 

Green Light on the other hand is much softer read, it has a buildup of a love story in the background. Its about a doctor who ends up taking the blame for a mistake made by his mentor and decides to give up medicine. The story is about his attempt at disappearing into the unknown and eventually confronting his situation.  Along his journey he meets several characters, including the daughter of the women who died on the operation table due to his mentors carelessness. Every character has a story and is in search of "something", trying to deal with the cards life has dealt. 

*** Must Read.


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