Thursday, October 05, 2006

Courtroom drama

I suppose a lot of people must have read John Grisham at some point or the other or definitely see some of them in movie format. Its all about courts, juries, lawyers and of course the criminals.

At one point I was a huge fan of his books, I grew out of them or so I believed. For a long time I had this thick book called " Rainmaker" lying around. Eventually got around to reading it and I loved fact, I liked it much better than any of his books.

The human element in the book is very strong. Sure, eventually the hero is always a rookie lawyer against a huge corporation trying to fight for the rights of his client. The good thing about the book is he could be any normal person who is good at his job. Someone with a conscience, eventually having to make a choice..of what is right and the wrong. (The movie by the same name doesn't quite dwell on that.) The other characters in the storyline are well sketched and they all have their shades of black and white.

What was so different about this book was its ending, Somehow it just fitted with the underlying tone of the book. Regardless of whether you are John Grisham fan or not this is a must read!