Thursday, February 22, 2007

Aunts arn't Gentlemen

Its hard to write a review (or whatever it is I do on this blog) about well acclaimed novelists.
I cannot tell you anything you haven't read already I suppose.

I had a phase when I read every P.G. Wodehouse I could lay my hands on. Unlike most people I beleive I prefer Blandings Castle Series to Jeeves and Wooster.

I am almost afraid to say that I had forgotten how well these books have been written. Or I have never maybe really appreciated the nuances of his writing. There is humor in every thing, the plot, every sentence, even how the sentences are structured. Be it the brave face of the butler or the description of a man in the living with a painting in hanging on his neck, its hard to immitate, or for me to explain the hilarity of the situation.

Perhaps the statement I wanted to make is that if you are fond of reading, perhaps you should pick up Aunt's Arn't Gentlemen or Pigs have Wings next time you are in a bookstore. Then we can share our marvel at the beautiful writing!


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