Thursday, July 05, 2007

Kabul and beyond

I saw this movie recently, ok to be honest a few months back called "The Kabul Express".
The movie was really shot in Afghanistan, and for the first time I saw pictures of this country which has been a neighbour yet some far out name in my mind for so long.

The scenary is incredible, the raw beauty just overpowers every scene. Now, this was beyond my imagination, or would have been if I had not read the Kite Runner just a few days before that. The images fit the pictures painted in the book of war torn
Afghanistan after the overthrow of the Taliban regime.

Khaleed Hosseni tells a tale of a young boy and his Hazara servant boy. Its this boy's journey from before Taliban, to the aftermath of Taliban regime. The book is a page turner. The whole story is bound by the relationship of Amir and Hassan, their desire to win the Kite flying competetion.

KH blends drama and the reality of the period beuatifully. The description of Kabul that was and has become after the power struggles are written pictursquely from the eyes of Amir as a boy and Amir as the grown up man returning home after several years.

In all the book is must read. In fact, I should thank Janani for first putting up a book review for this one on her blog.


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