Friday, May 05, 2006

The Little Prince

Do you know someone who doesn't like books? Don't we all? I like to think that such people just haven't met the right books as yet. And, oh, what a pleasure it is to introduce someone to the wonder of reading!

In all these years of reading, there is one book I can is 'right' for anybody, any age, any place at any time of their life. Some of us studied the first chapter of this book in school and may remember it. If you liked it then, don't waste a is every bit as promising as it sounded then! And if it didn't touch you...well, you just have to read the entire book to know what I mean. The Little Prince is one of those experiences.

The Little Prince - Antonie St.Exupery

Not that it will take any time. The Little Prince is a slim volume that an average reader can finish in a couple of hours at the very most. Set in an indeterminate time frame, this is a simple story of a man who meets an extraordinary little boy who is a prince on his very own tiny planet. Some of the conversations are hilarious, some of them soul-searching. At a glance it would seem to be a children's storybook but don't be fooled by the simplistic language. There is a wealth of meaning in the anecdotes of pet volcanoes, monster trees and sunsets. The Little Prince comes across as a precocious kid with an infuriating curiosity and black-and-white logic that only someone very young possesses. However he recounts his adventures with a semi-detached, childish glee. You'll have to be made of rock to not be moved by the ending. It is a short, sweet, complete story.

I found the ebook here but I'd still suggest buying the book. It isn't expensive and it is definitely a collector's item.