Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Quit India Movement

There are several Indian authors who have made it big. Some who are really NRIs..others who are not native Indians but write about India a lot.

I really haven't tried reading too many. But I came across this book by RK Narayan at a second hand book store here. The " Waiting for the Mahatma" was a wonderful read.
The style of writing is plain and to the point. In fact, the simplistic nature of the book made is very enjoyable for me.

Waiting for the Mahatma is one man's journey influenced by the changes happening around him. Caught willingly/unwillingly into the flow of the movement of freedom struggle. Perhaps the motives and even actions are questionable. But the situation is all very real. In a way the book is a by-standers account of the freedom struggle. And in a way its nothing to with love for the nation, but love for a woman and the influence of a leader.

The end was kind of disappointing for me. Possibly because it was not hard to anticipate. But regardless of that, the book makes a good read. I have read excerpts from several of RK Narayan's novels I liked this one the best. Other than Swami and his friends. The intention though is to eventually find and read rest of his book :)

PS-title is just to reflect the period of the book.


Blogger littlecow said...

I had this obsession during which I read a few of RK Narayan's books. While the rest of civilized India read RKN when they were in school or worst case in college, yours truly slowly reached that point in grad school. :)

RKN's style in general is simple, filled with imagery and to the point. And this book is one of my favorites (acutely because of the love angle and for the humorously discussed ethical dilemmas and for the fact that it was one of his few "happy" books). I liked the ending too and it often puzzles me as to why people do not like happy endings. Come on!

2:37 AM  
Blogger ligne said...

I feel like you would have done better justice to this book in terms of writing about it :) But I sure loved it. It had a happy ending but not completely dont you think?

6:28 PM  

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