Saturday, January 07, 2006


I wasn't planning to write a post based on these books. I didn't think I could sell Bridget Jones Diary and sequel Edge of Reason to anyone.

First of all, my apologies to anyone who has seen the movie and have been put off by the dumb show. For what it is worth I liked the movie because of Mark Darcy (alias Colin Firth). But if I think about it seriously, the movie is exactly what would happen if somebody read your diary and took pieces out of it and displayed it to the whole world. The heroine comes out looking extremely stupid and silly, and very lucky indeed that this good guy is in love with her!

True, when I read the first book, my opinion of who Bridget Jones stands for didn't improve by too much. Shes extremely silly and self centered in a way. You don't get into the grove till you get to the sequel, partly cause it takes that long for the characters to take shape. BJD and EOR are the story of single people, who have spent best of their lives analysing and over analyising their relationships to the point of no return. They have scrutinised, qualified and stamped every possible reaction as being of a certain type!

Mark Darcy, a newly widowed man falling in love with Bridget Jones is something which happens only in novels. Bridget Jones inspite of deficiencies is a true friend, loyal and helpful. And amazingly has a very childish way of looking at the world inspite of the self-help books. BJ claims that self-help books are a religon. Perhaps they are, I have never read any. But its interesting as MD analyses her, completely surrounded with her single friends who demand attention, and dissecting all her relationships leaving him no space.

I recommend it solely to get a taste of a singleton's life, exaggerated perhaps, but still a witty look. Who knows what lessons of life maybe in store for you :)


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