Sunday, November 20, 2005

Drama in Real Life?

Arthur Hailey was one of the first of big ( big here probably just stands for well known) authors that I started reading. And as was my habit then, I read a whole lot of Arthur Hailey books, till I got Overloaded literallly and otherwise. Other than that one book which I hated, I would recommend all his books.

I suppose Airport, Hotel are pretty well known books. The amusing thing is that even though there are so many things happening to so many different people at the same time, which often sounds far fetched or dramatic. For instance, very recently Bombay Airport had a situation similar to the airport manager (?) in Aiport. One of the planes wandered off the runway and got stuck with its tail or some part sticking out into the runway, making the runway unusable. And thus begins Arthur Hailey's Airport! Its possible the Bombay Airport incident didn't ensue more drama from the book. But it does put these books more into "maybe some of this can happen to " zone :)

His books are definetly fast paced in terms of things happening and interesting with much drama. Of course too keep all the characters straight its good not to leave the book alone for too long.

Some small incidents kind of stay in my memory. There was this (one of several) story lines in Strong Medicine (?) about a young girl and guy romance. Its all very happy, they want to get married until the girl looses her legs (either due to an accident or some illness, I forget!). The young man very much in love with her, wants to go ahead with the marraige just as planned. The girl on the other hand is worried that he doesn't really understand what it might mean to live with a physically handicapped wife. So she tells him, that he should take a week away from her; imagine what his future with her would be like and whether he really wants to do this.

So, the young man goes home, imagines all sorts of difficulties ahead. Whereas the girl over the week things about how much this guy is in love with her and that she is being silly with pushing her away. You can imagine the irony when he comes back to see her to tell her that she is right, he cannot handle it!

For weeks after reading this I wondered if its possible that they really would have managed alright if the guy hadn't gone home and imagined his future away? After all our imagination can go places where real life rarely does! So was she stupid to have done that? Did they loose what was going to be a perfectly nice happy twosome?

Guess, it doesn't matter it is just a story after all. But, one wonders how far is drama from reality after all?


Blogger atma_tripta said...

"If I had..." is a trap and "If I will..." is the only way out.

1:47 PM  
Blogger ligne said...

:( Ya, except you can live this life twice can you?

11:05 AM  
Blogger Akanksha said...

that storyline is not frm strong medicine:D
but i dnt kno where its frm

1:14 AM  
Blogger ligne said...

hmm, maybe its hospital.. there are too books on medicine.. of course i could be completely wrong about this :)

7:33 AM  

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