Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Trial and Error

I know this blog was supposed to be mostly about books which I had a positive reaction to. But I felt this urge to write about a few books I read recently.

"The adventures of the salsa goddess" by Jonas Hornak is about the difficult task of a successful 40 something single woman getting married. Its funny in parts and may be a good travel companion. I guess its on the lines of Sex in the City or Bridget Jones Diary. If you want a book to read on the bus, there you have it!

"Mail" by Mamewe Medwed is about a woman with a crush on her mailman. She is a Harvard graduate and he has never been to college. Its a simple tale of class issues. The lure for me was I was living in Boston (Somerville actually) at that time and it had a very girl next door feel to it. The conincidence was there is character called Jack Barnes in it.
And I happened to be reading Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also rises at that point.

Which brings me to Hemingway. I have to admit, I have no idea what the book was about. I dont meant I dont understand his English but I have no idea what he was trying to say. The main character in " Mail" mentions something about Jack Barnes having a war wound. I seem to have missed that fact while reading the book. Lady Brett is hardly your everyday heroine. It was not clear to me why she cannot be with Jack! If you guys have read it,then please I would love some feedback on this book.


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