Monday, June 19, 2006

A small part of Africa

Welcome to the world of Mma Ramotswe and J B Matakoni. Mma Ramotswe is the first lady detective and for some time has been running the only detective agence in Gaborone.
J B Matakoni a car mechanic and has a better understanding of engines than people.
In fact, he is a man truly in love with car engines and the working of the beautiful machinary. He claims that how a man (or a woman ) treats there car tells a lot about their personality.

Mma Ramotswe is ably assisted by Mma Matuski who had the honour of graduating from her Secretarial college with 97%. The agency helps woman find their missing husbands, famil ies trace their missing children, businesmen from decieving employees, fathers from being to restrictive on their children. Any problem you might have, you can come to No. 1 Ladies Detective agency and expect a warm welcome and cup of bush tea!

Alexander McCall has written heart warming and truly enjoyable pieces of fiction. Stop by your nearest bookstore/library to check out these tiny books of fun and wisdom..all in the old Botswana way!


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