Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Horse Racing

As a teenager I had these phases where I would read all books by a certain author available at our local library. The collection at the library was not huge enough to deter me; at the same time good enough to keep me occupied for weeks. One such author was Dick Francis . I talk about him now cause I recently read his book Bonecrack! It was mostly to check if I would still like these books. And obviously if am writing this blog, I loved the book.

DF writes mysteries/thrillers surrounded by horses and horse racing.
I believe I enjoyed the movie Seabiscuit a whole lot more due to this exposure to the fortunes/misfortunes of people involved in this business. His main hero is usually a jockey, a stable owner, or someone somehow involved in the whole business. I guess they are all men, pretty average when it comes to being able to beat people up, so they always get beaten up bad by the thugs. But they are all smart and can play with their lives to save what they have worked for.

You would think that after a while the same kind of scenario would be boring. Well, I don't know about you but I have never been bored reading a book by DF. Which is why I recommend you start with Bonecrack! I should warn you that this is no book for the weak heart, bones do crack and blood spills over in abundance. It is all about how much your imagination can take :)


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