Saturday, October 15, 2005

Ode to Ellen

I am not sure I can really claim a prose to be an ode (I am starting to wonder what it means!). In anycase this peice written a while ago was inspired by the book " The funny thing is..." by Ellen Degeneres. It was my advert for her book, it maybe inadequate. But it is an honest attempt and worth one read ( HA! thats the first time I am trying put my work forward!

"Broken heart?? Get over it!!!
One rainy day I look out my window and ponder. (Its not really raining today .. in fact its sunny.. but pondering goes better with rainy days...)
And people pondering on rainy days usually ponder about
people who broke their heart. I know I do!! ( you could try to do it too next
time it rains.. its more fun than watching TV!

In any case this time when I was doing this I realised that I would be an expert on advicing other people about how to go about mending their hearts.
First and foremost, ( and,I know this from FRIENDS and friends) if it
was a bad breakup go pick up that big jumbo tub of icecream you have in your fridge. (I am sure your neighbour is bound to have some if
you dont..
You have to eat out of the big tub, no point in being
hygenic and taking some out on a separate bowl!
Next you can reflect on all your heartbreaker's bad qualities. Or if you are a software professional come up with a game which as his/her picture on it and you earn points by shooting at it. If C++ is Greek or Latin to you, you may put up the picture on ur dart board (again your neighbour
might be useful here
). In fact, I advice this to improve your dart throwing skills...!!

That will pretty much occupy your mind till bed time. Now
comes the tough part. You are actually by now are tired of coming up with the bad qualities and are actually thinking about the good times you and your true (not so true anymore ) love had.. STOP!!!
Under no circumstance should you do that. Think about all
the bad things you told your friends about your ex-love. All the complaints you used to make!
Finally after much exhaustion of thinking about all this,
you fall asleep... Day one completed succesfully!!!"


Blogger atma_tripta said...

Yes, rainy days are good, but moonlit nights can be a good substitute too!! :)) However, when a simple realisation that two perfectlyly nice people could be totally incompatible, could solve the issue without having to carry the albatross of hate; why tie oneself in knots trying to convince that someone was bad??

6:44 PM  
Blogger ligne said...

aah.. u see it in different light! it was supposed to be
but then you are right too.
And my attempts at rhyming will put your thoughts about my writing into new light..:)

10:09 PM  

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